As Fishers' population grows and more residential development enters the area, it is important that new construction meets the standards of our community to ensure vibrancy in our neighborhoods and a long life for our housing.  

The Residential Task Force is comprised of members with experience in various aspects of the housing industry. They are tasked with making recommendations to the Steering Committee based on the future needs of our community. 

Residential Housing Task Force
Goal: To plan for future financial sustainability while creating an environment that supports quality of life that meets the vision for a smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city. 
Questions for the task force to answer: 
Do we have the right neighborhood standards for our community?
        a. What works well?
        b. What needs to be changed?
Do we have the right open space standards for our neighborhoods?
Do we have the right architectural standards to meet our vision?

The task force will meet regularly and use the discussion questions above to evaluate and determine the future housing needs of Fishers. The Residential Housing Task Force is responsible for drafting policy statements on each of the questions above. 

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