Every day Fishers residents drive on the local streets, ride on school buses, bike or run along one of the many trails, or stroll along a sidewalk. Transportation networks are such an important part of our daily lives that they can easily be taken for granted. However, they play a critical role in the functionality, safety, economy, public health, and quality of life of our city and therefore require careful planning. Being smart about how the community plans for these critical networks will put the city in the best position for future sustainability.

An important component of long-range planning, the Transportation Task Force will look at projections for 2040 and anticipate improvements needed to the overall transportation system.

Transportation Task Force
Goal: To plan for future financial sustainability while creating an environment that supports quality of life that meets the vision for a smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city. 
Questions for the task force to answer: 

Is the draft thoroughfare plan on the right track?
        a. Do we have the right mix of roads for moving cars?
        b. Do we have the right mix of pedestrian-friendly roadways?

How should the city prioritize the following transportation goals for the community: 
        a. Maintain current roads
        b. Increase capacity for vehicles
        c. Complete pedestrian trails network
        d. Implement bike lanes
        e. Encourage and promote mass transit

Where can transportation help create community and quality of place? Are there areas in our community that the city should prioritize for streetscape investment, such as 96th St., Allisonville Rd., others? What are the priorities within and between these areas?

What should our long-term goals be for the following roads?
        a. Hamilton Southeastern Parkway
        b. Allisonville Rd., North of 126th St. 
        c. 106th St. between new interchange and Cumberland Rd.

The task force will meet regularly and use the discussion questions above to evaluate and determine the future needs of Fishers. The Transportation Task Force is responsible for delivering:

  • Thoroughfare plan
  • Bike & Pedestrian Plan 
  • Policy statements on questions above
The Transportation Task Force's recommendations and deliverables will be included in the transportation chapter of the Fishers 2040 comprehensive plan. The Transportation Task Force meeting dates and times can be found on the Fishers 2040 calendar. 

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