Enjoying a break from the office to walk to lunch, venturing out on a bike after school, spending the weekend on the playground, the parks system in Fishers serve thousands of residents everyday through a myriad of opportunities and is a key component of our vibrant city. Residents have the ability to enjoy outdoor recreation, community engagement and passive recreation in every season. 

Every five years the City of Fishers completes an in-depth inventory of the parks system, but the Fishers 2040 comprehensive plan looks farther out to 2040. The Parks & Open Space Task Force for the Fishers 2040 plan is responsible for analyzing the current parks system and provide recommendations based on growth projections and community needs. 

Parks & Open Space Task Force
Goal: To plan for future financial sustainability while creating an environment that supports quality of life that meets the vision for a smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city. 
Questions for the task force to answer: 
Is the draft master parks plan on the right track?
        a. Does our parks plan align with our vision and the community's needs?
        b. Does our draft parks plan utilize our natural environment, including greenways, Geist
            Reservoir and White River?
        c. Does our parks plan appropriately leverage neighboring resources?
Evaluate our current open space policy. Does it meet the needs and vision for our community?
        a. What are some creative ways we could utilize existing open space, such as: commercial
            development, parking lots?

The Parks & Open Space Task Force is responsible for delivering: 

  • Parks Master Plan
  • Policy direction on open space questions above
The task force's recommendations and deliverables will be included in the Parks & Open Space chapter of the Fishers 2040 comprehensive plan. The Parks & Open Space Task Force meeting dates and times can be found on the Fishers 2040 calendar

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