What is Fishers 2040?

Fishers 2040 is the City of Fishers' 25-year comprehensive plan to ensure future financial sustainability, while creating an environment that supports quality of life that meets our vision for a smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city. Fishers 2040 will be uniquely Fishers to meet our specific vision and needs. 

A comprehensive plan is a long-range document that helps the City prepare and manage expected population and employment growth, as well as plan and coordinate major public investments, policies, and programs. It provides a framework, not a rule book, for our city's future development, redevelopment and policy decisions. Other common comprehensive plan objectives are: 

  • Creates a document that is supported by current and accurate data
  • Incorporates best practices regarding multiple facets of planning and sustainability
  • Addresses key issues facing Fishers
  • Recognizes Fishers' past and tells a compelling and engaging story about Fishers' future
  • Provides a mechanism for review, updates and amendments
  • Establishes consistency in decision-making in a coordinated manner
As the Fishers 2040 plan develops, additional elements specific to Fishers may be identified. Stay informed about our planning process by registering for email updates. Fishers 2040 information will be distributed through City News.