Why does the City need a Comprehensive Plan?
Fishers is a growing community, and we anticipate continued grow to a population of nearly 135,000 by 2040. Our goal is to ensure we make decisions today that will lead to smart growth. At the State of the City address in February 2015, Mayor Scott Fadness laid out a vision of Fishers being a smart, vibrant, and entrepreneurial city. A comprehensive plan will lay out a roadmap of how we reach that vision.

The plan will be structured around a vision that takes a holistic view of the future of Fishers, including topics such as future land use, quality of life, parks and open space, transportation, and housing. By analyzing all aspects of the city government, we can produce a comprehensive, strategic, and sustainable approach to future decision-making that will lead to a higher quality of life for Fishers residents.View the population growth chart.

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1. How will the comprehensive plan affect how I can use my property?
2. How will the new comprehensive plan be developed?
3. What are the legal aspects of a comprehensive plan (in other words – does the plan have any legal teeth)?
4. How is the Comprehensive Plan different from the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) or a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?
5. How will the comprehensive plan be used?
6. Why does the City need a Comprehensive Plan?
7. What are the goals of the Comprehensive Plan?