How will the new comprehensive plan be developed?
The Comprehensive Plan will take several months to develop and is dependent on support from various stakeholders. City planning staff will work closely with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, City Council, planning commission, other boards and commissions, community stakeholders, regional inter-agency partners, and interested Fishers residents.

Residents are encouraged to connect with the city and stay engaged in the process. For immediate news, residents can connect on Facebook and Twitter, but highlights will also be featured in our Fishers Alert email notifications and in Town Talk, as needed.Connect with us.

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1. How will the comprehensive plan affect how I can use my property?
2. How will the new comprehensive plan be developed?
3. What are the legal aspects of a comprehensive plan (in other words – does the plan have any legal teeth)?
4. How is the Comprehensive Plan different from the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) or a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?
5. How will the comprehensive plan be used?
6. Why does the City need a Comprehensive Plan?
7. What are the goals of the Comprehensive Plan?