How will the comprehensive plan be used?
The comprehensive plan is a document that outlines how we can create a smart, vibrant entrepreneurial community, and the leadership team will be engaging residents throughout the process. A state statute mandates a comprehensive plan for all municipalities. Components of the plan include objectives and policies for future development, land use, development of public ways, public places, public structures and public utilities. The comprehensive plan will ultimately outline how and where we should grow, how we work and how we recreate. While the plan will look out 25 years into the future to set a long-range vision for the community, it will be adjusted and reassessed at least every five years to stay current with the community’s needs.

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1. How will the comprehensive plan affect how I can use my property?
2. How will the new comprehensive plan be developed?
3. What are the legal aspects of a comprehensive plan (in other words – does the plan have any legal teeth)?
4. How is the Comprehensive Plan different from the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) or a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?
5. How will the comprehensive plan be used?
6. Why does the City need a Comprehensive Plan?
7. What are the goals of the Comprehensive Plan?